This blog is for all those who have an interest in a quantitative approach to layout problems. You are welcome to visit, log in and participate. Post, comment, edit, do whatever you prefer, but participate. The most important thing is to participate.

Please note that post dates are artificially set in order to make the text appear in the desired sequence. At the end of each post you will find when it was last updated and by whom, if not myself.

This blog is one of a handful of companions:

Indulocation, distributionsys, materhandling, facilayout, and warehousemngt,

whith names like:

Industrial Location, Distribution Systems, Material Handling, Facility Layout, and
Warehouse Management, respectively.

They are all on WordPress.com and use the same theme.

I was in Dr. Francis class, when the first edition of his book with Dr. White was published. It’s my small tribute to him, to have started this endeavour with my copy of that book.

After my graduate studies at the University of Florida I returned to my home country, Portugal, where I have been teaching Industrial Engineering courses since 1979. Among them are the subjects of these five blogs.

Virgílio A. P. Machado


One Response to About

  1. phanni2528 says:

    I am impressed with your dedication to your former professor and pleased you had the spare time to realize your plans.
    Since you’ve been doing this Industrial Engineering teaching for a few weeks now you probably have heard and seen it all. Just kidding- I’ve been involved in Industrial Engineering since 1979 too. I work for an aircraft manufacturer.
    Thanks for putting up thyis site.

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